Introduction to high frequency energy


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English translation of “Einführung in die Hochfrequenz Energie
The origin of healing power lies in nature and not in the destructive machinations of man, which are not in harmony with the natural harmony of our body.

Humans are electromagnetic just like plants and animals.

Even our planet is highly complicated electrical.

As far back as 1759, electromedicine was utilized with such success that a book was authored and later reprinted 111 years after its initial publication. Beginning in 1931, researchers such as Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife, and Antoine Prioré employed electromagnetic methods to treat cancer. Yet, most people remain unaware of these historical developments today.

Beginning with the historical sulfur ball and the Leyden bottle, progressing through to the Violet-Ray HF healing apparatus, Lakhovsky’s multiwave oscillator, and Tesla coil systems, the author of the book traces a fascinating historical trajectory leading up to the current applications and their successes.

Indeed, high-frequency therapy enjoyed widespread use in medical applications in Germany from 1920 onwards, only to fall into near obscurity after the Second World War.

The principle of high frequency energy

It focuses not on the disease itself, but rather on the vital force inherent in the body. By preserving or enhancing this vital energy where it has been depleted, an organism can regain its strength.

The book simplifies numerous topics related to energy within our bodies, ranging from cellular function to the properties of water and its benefits for our cells, as well as the meridian system of the body.

Graphic representations and abundant visual materials depict the body’s interconnectedness and elucidate the energetic interaction between body and mind, exploring the effectiveness of energy in this dynamic relationship.

Electricity is synonymous with life and nature. It holds a pivotal role in various forms throughout the body, influencing cells, bodily fluids like water, and the bloodstream. Often, we overlook its significance, despite its undeniable presence in our everyday lives.

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