Introduction to high frequency energy


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The origin of the healing powers lies in nature and not in the destructive machinations of man, which are not in harmony with the natural harmony of our body.

We are an electromagnetic being just like plants and animals.

Even our planet is a highly complicated electrical being.

As early as 1759, electromedicine was used so successfully that a book was written which was reprinted 111 years after its first publication. From 1931, researchers such as Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife and Antoine Prioré treated cancer electromagnetically. All this is unknown to most people today.

From the historical sulfur ball over the Leyden bottle, further to the Violet-Ray HF healing apparatus up to Lakhovsky’s multiwave oscillator and the Tesla coil systems, the author of the book draws a wide interesting historical arc over to today’s application possibilities and their successes.

After all, high-frequency therapy was widely used in medical applications in Germany from 1920 onwards, before it was almost forgotten again after the Second World War.

The principle of high frequency energy

It does not address the disease as such, but the vital force present in the body. For if it is possible to preserve vital energy or to strengthen it where it has been weakened, an organism can regain its strength.

The book illustrates – in an easy-to-understand manner – numerous topics related to the subject of energy in our body. From the function of cells to the structure of water and its useful properties for our cells, to meridians of our body.

Graphic overviews and a lot of visual material illustrate the body’s own connections and clarify the energetic interplay of body and mind in relation to energy and its effectiveness.

Electricity is life, is nature. It plays a decisive role in various forms everywhere in the body, in the cells, in the body water, in the blood. Often we don't even think about it, although this fact jumps straight into our faces.

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